A virtual office provides office support services to small business owners and other business professionals without the overhead of employing administrative support staff and/or leasing office space. Virtual office packages can vary but typically offer administrative staff, telephone answering services, business support services, and the occasional use of a physical business address.

Telephone calls and mail received at your virtual office location can either be stored on-site in your dedicated voicemail or physical mailbox or forwarded to another business location or private residence. Meeting facilities are also available for use at My Annapolis Office for our virtual office clients.

Virtual office services through My Annapolis Office provide the benefits of Class A office space without the need for you to physically be there. Our courteous virtual office assistants will handle your telephone calls professionally using your specific business name and seamlessly patch them through to you so you’ll never miss a call. Additionally, you will be provided 24-hour remote access to your voicemail with your dedicated virtual office phone number.

Virtual offices provide benefits to just about any business professional. Whether you are a start-up business looking to minimize expenses, a government official looking for a presence with support services outside of Capital Hill, or a more established entity looking to expand your business in the Annapolis / Washington DC market, a virtual office could be the ideal solution for you. Virtual offices are a cost-effective way of creating a business presence while deciding if a physical presence or full-time office support is necessary and can greatly increase speed to market for a new business. Virtual offices can be used for a variety of things including business mailing addresses, branch offices, or as a professional meeting place.

A virtual office provides several of the amenities of a traditional office without the cost associated with a full-time office. Virtual office packages are flexible and can adjust to meet your specific needs at any given point in time. Our virtual office packages are designed to grow with you as your business grows.

You bet you will! A virtual office package from My Annapolis Office is ideal for when you need an occasional office space on-demand but not 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. Choose from 16 to 40 hours per month in a private meeting room, business lounge, or day office. Also, all virtual office packages at My Annapolis Office provide you with unlimited access to our Touchdown space as you need it. Simply walk in, plug in, and begin. Our professional workspace is available whenever you need it. And when you are ready, you can upgrade your virtual office to a full-time office package without having to change your virtual office telephone number and business address – saves you money by not having to re-print your business cards!

Yes. As a virtual office client of My Annapolis Office, you can enjoy up to 40 hours of day office, conference room, and meeting usage per month. A virtual office with My Annapolis Office is the perfect solution for when you need access to a private office on occasion, but not daily. At any point, if you determine that you’d like a more permanent solution, you can upgrade from a virtual office package to a full-time office package and keep your virtual office telephone number and business address.

My Annapolis Office’s day office and meeting rooms are fully furnished and equipped with high-speed Internet and complimentary local and domestic long distance calling. We can even provide clerical support services while you are using your office.

Virtual Offices at My Annapolis Office do provide access to meeting rooms and conference rooms. In addition to your new professional business address, live telephone answering service, and reception services, you can enjoy anywhere from 16 to 40 hours per month in a day office, private meeting room, or our professional business lounge with your virtual office. And you can book your space anytime you want online or contact your My Annapolis Office staff to book it for you. Once you are a virtual office customer of My Annapolis Office, all you have to do is walk in, sit down, and plug in and you will be up and running in a matter of minutes. What are you waiting for? Call today and let My Annapolis Office customize a virtual office package just for you!

If you are unable to answer a phone call, the virtual office phone receptionist at My Annapolis Office will direct your callers to your individual voicemail box. You can access your voicemail box 24 hours per day / 7 days per week to retrieve your messages or have your voicemail messages emailed to you, allowing you to respond to your inquiries in a timely manner. Let My Annapolis Office keep you connected wherever you are with a virtual office phone package.

A basic Address Package with My Annapolis Office starts at just $69 a month and provides your business with a professional business address, mail and package receipt, use of our touchdown space, 24/7 access to meeting rooms and day offices at preferred rates, online meeting room booking, and access to our fast and secure Internet connection.

Our Live Receptionist virtual office service is only $99 a month and provides you with call answering services, voicemail to email service, and call forwarding in addition to use of our touchdown space, 24/7 access to meeting rooms and day offices at preferred rates, online meeting room booking, and access to our fast and secure Internet connection.

My Annapolis Office also offers a variety of meeting room packages ranging from 16 to 40 hours per month. Call My Annapolis Office today and let us customize a virtual office service for you! For convenience, you can also sign up online.

What business owner working from the convenience of their home wouldn’t love the idea of having a prestigious business address to represent their company? If you appreciate the affordability that a home office provides, then a virtual office may also be right for you.

My Annapolis Office’s virtual receptionists receive your inbound calls in the name of your business and then transfer your calls seamlessly to your preferred number. With virtual phone answering and call forwarding services from My Annapolis Office, you will never miss a telephone call whether you are officing at home, on the road, or even at the beach.

And don’t forget, as a virtual office client of My Annapolis Office you can secure up to 40 hours of office space or meeting room usage per month with access to additional administrative support and secretarial services.

A virtual office assistant, also known as a virtual assistant, is a person who is either self-employed or employed by another business who provides professional administrative, clerical, technical, or other consultative services to clients from a remote location. As a virtual office client of My Annapolis Office, you can leverage the professional resources at our executive suite as your very own virtual assistants to assist with reports, presentations, spreadsheets, or whatever the task at hand may be. Why go to the hassle of finding, recruiting, and hiring your own assistants when you can use ours on an as-needed basis?

A virtual office provides a physical office address with mail receipt and handling services, telephone answering services, and limited access to professional workspace.

A virtual assistant provides administrative services through contract as opposed to an employee you would hire full-time. A virtual assistant provides expertise to your projects using their office, software, and equipment, eliminating your need to hire employees and all employee related expenses.

Our virtual assistant services are designed to be completely seamless so your callers will likely never know that you are using a virtual receptionist or our virtual assistant services. Our telephone receptionist is the professional voice of your business. The only way your callers will know you are using virtual assistant services is if you tell them.

My Annapolis Office is not a call center. The receptionist providing you with personalized telephone answering service is truly an extension of your business. Answering the telephone in your company’s name is a service that My Annapolis Office provides directly for our clients, and is just one of the many personalized services we provide. The receptionist at My Annapolis Office takes your company’s image very seriously, which is quite different from the experience you will find with answering services at a larger call center.

Yes. The virtual phone number that we provide to you as a virtual office customer will be answered by our live virtual receptionist during normal business hours. For telephone calls to your virtual phone number after hours, you can choose to either have your virtual phone number forwarded to another telephone number or routed directly to voicemail. We promise you that our live virtual receptionist will leave a positive first impression of your business to your callers.

During normal business hours, your telephone call will be answered by one of My Annapolis Office’s trained professionals and transferred seamlessly to the telephone number of your choice. Should you be unavailable to receive the phone call, your trained virtual receptionist will either direct your caller to your preferred voicemail box – whether it’s the virtual office voicemail provided to you by My Annapolis Office or your off-site personal voicemail. Our state-of-the-art telephone system can even proactively email your voice messages directly to you ensuring that you never miss a message.

By default, mail and packages that are delivered to your virtual business address at My Annapolis Office are stored at the center until you come by to collect them. If for some reason you are unable or chose not to pick your packages up at the center, we can forward your mail to you at your desired location. Alternatively, you can also appoint a delegated representative to collect parcel packages on your behalf.

As a customer of My Annapolis Office, you define how you would like your telephone calls managed by our virtual office receptionist. Our state-of-the-art telephone system presents the virtual office receptionist with a scripted greeting which allows the receptionist to answer your call using the name of your business and then seamlessly patch your calls through to your specified number — whether it’s your home phone, a cell phone for when you’re on the road, or a central office phone.

At My Annapolis Office, our virtual office packages are designed to be flexible so you only pay for the services you need. Packages range from $69 per month for a basic address package up to $299 for a premium meeting room package which secures up to 40 hours per month of day office and meeting room access. Or bundle and save! Combine virtual office packages to take advantage of multiple services and receive a 10% to 15% discount. As a virtual office customer, you’ll have access to all the amenities available at our Class A business center including our beautifully appointed reception area, breakout and kitchen areas, and touchdown space.

With any of our virtual services you have access to our fully trained administrative support staff for tasks ranging from photocopying and binding to word processing, making travel accommodations, concierge services, and more.

A virtual office solution from My Annapolis Office can provide several of the benefits of full-time office space at a fraction of the cost. Our virtual offices not only provide you with a prestigious Annapolis business address but virtual office receptionist services with live telephone answering services in the name of your business.

Your personal virtual office number is equipped with seamless call patching so you’ll never miss a call and 24-hour remote access to voicemail with optional voicemail to email service. Keep your virtual office active and you’ll never need to worry about changing your business address or phone number in the event that you expand or relocate. Our service will follow you wherever you go.